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UEFA Women – It all starts here


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For year two as Creative Director of this award-winning campaign we needed to take the message to the next level: speaking directly to dads when they are engrossed in the game – half time in a championship match. Not an easy task. 

The majority of Dads are used to shutting down at sight of women’s football, seeing it as a lesser option – if an option for girls at all. We needed to cut through, make them sit up and pay attention – on the terraces, in the bars and pubs and home all across Europe. In what we started calling our fruit machine technique, we created a film that literally called out to fathers, showed them the difference they could make and that there are lots of ways they can encourage and support.

Rolling out with 37 different languages, across 55 countries we cast a diverse set of dads, daughters, locations and football skills to create a rallying cry for all fathers across Europe.  It sits alongside a retargeting campaign across YouTube and search that helps Dads who’ve taken our message to heart to find a football club for their daughter to join. Working with Sarah Lefkowith we created a campaign to cut through.

Year 1 of the campaign won a Bronze at Cannes. Take a peek here

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