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Tá na sua Mao – One Meta – Brazil

In a country that knows and loves you for one app, how do you bring all of your apps into the same hallowed space? By sharing stores of success in life, love, food and music on TV and social, in print and out of home – all made possible through the connections the apps made.

From cinema and TV ads, to Spotify and RuPaul DragRace exclusives, the creative approach focussed on telling real stories that were made possible because of Meta’s apps.
The campaign line ‘Tá na sua mao/It’s in your hands’ speaks to the high penetration of the apps in the market, while communicating the agency Meta apps bring to people’s lives.

A construction crew that hit No.1
A Nonna taking her family-favourite snacks to local food hero business
Finding the one you love
And the hero Tasha and Tracie story, edited to fit all media

A 360-campaign portraying real stories, with creators and D&I at the centre, starting a fresh conversation with Brazilian young adults, consolidating our social leadership among those who are not only valuable but key to keeping ahead of the competition.

The campaign successfully returned stat significant results, lifting the key goals for the campaign:
driving Meta ownership awareness and app preference in both Creator and audience.

Takeovers of key media locations telling stories of opportunity in every passion point

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