Need convincing? Here’s some nice words from lovely clients, colleagues and employers:

“Becky was an absolute pleasure to work with. As an extremely skilled and knowledgable ECD, there wasn’t a brief that she couldn’t nail or designer she couldn’t tame. Not only was she an admirable mentor…but a lifelong friend. Any company would be lucky to have her.”
Lucy Barnes, Head of Operations, New Republique

This is to say that I have no hesitation in recommending Becky as a Creative Director. I think she is in the “best of breed” category!
• Becky is an exceptionally creative Creative – coming up with a menu of creative solutions to the most challenging of briefs. A side strength here is that she does not get too attached to any solution – quickly adapting and building based on feedback – or where necessary, starting from scratch
• She also excels at making sure a brief is well thought through – happily challenging the thinking and the insight to ensure that she is working to solve the “right” problem
• She is a great team worker – she has an exceptional (wicked) sense of humour which allows her to quickly bond with her “clients” and her teams
• A true leader, Becky energises and builds her team and has exceptional coaching ability. She has left behind a far more effective and happy team than she inherited.
• Finally, Becky is quick to spot process issues, to raise their profile, identify solutions – and then work with others to implement solutions
It was a great pleasure to work with Becky. She is a pioneer and will be at her best in any organisation that wants game-changers.

Alan Griffths,  Acromas Travel, Marketing Director


Becky was an amazing addition to and leader of our creative department. In her time at New Republique, Becky had a hugely positive impact not only the quality of our creative work, but also on the overall culture of the agency. 

Any team would be super lucky to have Becky at the helm. I know we were!
Jackson Alsop. UX/UI creative New Republique, Sydney


Becky, Just to say how great it has been working with you over the past 4 years. You have delivered some great work that has built consistently from the first Revolution campaign back in December 2005. One of the key things that has stood out for me is that although you are always focussed on delivering fantastic creative work, you fully understand the market and the business realities and pressure that we face. For me as well, being able to work directly with the creative team and you in particular really helps ensure that there is really understanding of the brief and campaign objectives. Hope we can work together in the future, but in the meantime all the best!
Steve Robertson, Head of Marketing, SEAT UK


Becky has contributed to some excellent years for DL4B marketing. The headline stats are great enough by themselves, but don’t tell the full story of what we’ve achieved… year on year we’ve spent 20% less, but delivered nearly 60% more quotes and 50% more sales!

There have been terrific achievements on all fronts. To name just a few that stand out for me. * Great planning, testing and learning and refining to drive efficient performance across the board * Innovation and creativity that permeates all our products and media lines Superb van TV campaign that is outperforming every else at RBSi (and any other TV activity in this category that Nunwood is tracking) Award-winning tradesman DM not to mention all of the many, many other excellent DM and email pieces produced * Huge breakthroughs on stretch activity with our personal lines friends in Bromley, especially on Landlord * Cracking the Moneysupermarket issue * Great leaps in our SEO performance – page one for the vast majority of the main terms * Building great relationships with all of the agencies and internal teams Job Done!
John McKenzie, Marketing Manager, Direct Line for Business


Good luck Becky. I would like to add my thanks for everything that you have done and continue to do at Geronimo. You have been a strong and reliable leader for your department and were the first (and probably only) person we found that was able to take on the role so effectively. Julian
Julian Dodds, Chairman, Geronimo