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Meta – Rugby World Cup 2023

How do you turn a tier 3 sponsorship into a campaign that pulls in 200% incremental revenue and increases brand engagement and recognition?


By acting like a Tier 1 sponsor, from an immersive VR tour in Year 1, to 360 campaign in Year 2.
We took Meta brand confidently into a market who didn’t know who Meta was, using our apps to push innovation and share the passion of rugby.
La passion, ca se partage – Passion is meant to be shared.



As well a a significant uplift in incremental revenue, the campaign shifted some important metrics, achieving campaign goals in a turbulent global time (war in Ukraine, Gaza/Israel).
Increases in: Meta brand ownership, positive brand sentiment and underpinning Meta and our apps as a key technology enabler for all.
All this in a market that previously had very low awareness of who Meta was.

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