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Poetry in motion.

The central theme of ‘Poetry in Motion’ is brought alive through a digital and direct campaign targeting predominantly male 20-40 year olds who know their cars. the first big digital launch for SEAT began as a series of teaser films online, this was followed with a direct mail pack to known Cupra fans.

The DM contained a DVD and a short animation link direct to Cupra Poetry website. A unique number unlocked exclusive footage for the luck recipients. With full online support, the Cupra story grew and grew.

The campaign endorses through a dedicated microsite,, which includes mini films, the Cupra workshop Eye Revolution tour, galleries and downloads alongside the chance to win exclusive VIP tickets to the British Touring Car Championship race day.

A range of collateral ranging from banners, vibrant media and editorials are also being supplied to various websites including yahoo!, The Guardian, Top Gear and Football365.

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