BMW 3 series launch campaign 2019

The BMW 3 Series signifies the heart of the BMW brand in the UK and is their most iconic model. The new 3 Series is packed full of technological innovations making it the most advanced car in its class for two years. We needed to ensure our launch of the new model truly made an impact.

We needed to step outside of the norm and capture the symbiotic nature of the car responding to the driver – and the driver responding to the car. Each piece of the campaign was created to underline this dual responsiveness and push the technology – breaking new ground wherever we could. 

ALEXA SKILL – To introduce and tease the new design and spec, we created an Alexa skill which gave people an audio tour of the car and its innovations, whilst innately highlighting that Alexa is just one of the technologies within. Using voice commands to explore the new design details, integrated technology and performance specifications – as well as linking to for a test drive – brought the magic and power of the new BMW home.

RESPONSIVE OUT OF HOME – We used a national out-of-home campaign to bring to life the ways in which the new BMW 3 Series responds to circumstances on the road. Dynamic digital display pulled in data feeds for temperature, live traffic, weather conditions and time of day. For each stimulus, the creative responded – displaying the product feature within the 3 Series which could assist the driver. There were 22 bespoke creative variants which were served dynamically in response to each driving condition.  

BESPOKE DIGITAL FILMS – In digital media we were able to take it one step further – responding to multiple conditions simultaneously to create bespoke film content. The combination of location, time of day and search history created 264 individual film variations. Not to mention an automotive first for YouTube UK.

TVC/CINEMA – Finally, our futuristic film showcases some of the most innovative features and importantly, brings to life how such a responsive car can enhance how the driving experience feels. The film takes the viewer on a journey of stimulus and response – showing how the new 3 Series senses your approach with its welcoming light carpet, listens to your voice with its Intelligent Personal Assistant and interprets your every movement to bring you driving joy.