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For year two as Creative Director of this award-winning campaign we needed to take the message to the next level: speaking directly to dads when they are engrossed in the game – half time in a championship match. Not an easy task. 

The majority of Dads are used to shutting down at sight of women’s football, seeing it as a lesser option – if an option for girls at all. We needed to cut through, make them sit up and pay attention – on the terraces, in the bars and pubs and home all across Europe.

In what we started calling our fruit machine technique, we created a film that literally called out to fathers and showed them the difference they could make.

Rolling out with 37 different language variants we cast a diverse set of dads, daughters, locations and football skills to create a rallying cry for all fathers across Europe. Working with Sarah Lefkowith we created a campaign to cut through.